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Hi, welcome to my website dedicated to my collection of chocolate wrappers! 
I have created this site to:
  • popularize this hobby
  • let anybody browse  chocolate wrappers from five continents 
  • find new collectors of chocolate wrappers in world to exchange chocolate wrappers and cooperation. 
I hope content of my site can help not only to chocolate collectors but also anybody who loves chocolate! I wish that browsing my site may inspire some visitors to start their own collection of chocolate wrappers. 
Sites contain basic facts about my collection, about chocolate wrappers, collecting, links to sites of  chocolate bars manufacturers , large collection of my scanned wrappers - all are real wrappers from my collection - so you can see chocolate wrappers from entire world.
There are about 39 000 chocolate wrappers to browse in Museum section. It is almost 27% of entire collection.

Lidka wrapper
czechoslovakian chocolate wrapper Lidka (1930´s)
Knickerbocker wrapper
 chocolate wrapper Knickerbocker from New York (1930´s)
Kraš wrapper
croatian chocolate wrapper Dorina by Kraš (2010) 


My collection
I started my collection of chocolate wrappers in about 1989, when I was nine. I used to collect stamps, but I wanted to collect something really different. 
Then I received some wonderful Swiss Lindt and Nestlé chocolates whose wrappers were much more beautiful than any Czechoslovakian wrapper at that time. It was Lindt Alba  and Pistache and white chocolate Nestlé Galak. I kept those wrappers and from this moment my chocolate collection began.
My collection increased slowly over the years, but there was a period between 1993 and 1996 when I didn't bother too much with collecting.
I reached 1000 wrappers in 1997 and  next year I  met other people with similar collecting interests and I got also access to Internet. This was the turning point in my collecting, since then my collection has increased much more quickly. 
Very first version of my chocolate site was published  in December 1999 but there were no chocolate wrappers images, just plain text. First scanned chocolate wrappers were published online about two years later. Website moved to new host in June 2006. 
My chocolate collection grew almost to 40 000 wrappers when I purchased collection of Petr Vaněček (about 50 000 chocolate wrappers) in May 2006 which included also large chocolate collection of Jan Šimána (about 45 000 chocolate wrappers) and chocolate collection from Poland (about 15 000 chocolate wrappers).
It took over three years to join all collection into one and the work is still not done.

I would especially like to get wrappers from countries which are still missing in my collection - I think it can be about up to 30 countries now. Most of these countries are from Africa, arabic world, Caribbean area, small american countries and Oceania. I think there are about 160 countries in world where chocolate is (was) produced.




Lindt wrapper
one of my first chocolate wrappers Lindt Alba 
Felix potin wrapper
probably oldest chocolate wrapper in my collection by french Felix Potin (1890´s)
Linda wrapper
chocolate wrapper from northest chocolate factory in world Linda - Akureyri (Iceland)
Laguna negra wrapper
the southest place where chocolate is made is located in Ushuaia (Argentina)
Meiji wrapper
chocolate wrapper from Asia - Meiji from Japan
Ghana wrapper
chocolate wrapper from Africa - chocolate Portem from Ghana
Small´s wrapper
chocolate wrapper from Australia - chocolate Small´s
Garoto wrapper
chocolate wrapper from America - brazilian chocolate Garoto
Milka wrapper
chocolate wrapper from Europe - chocolate Milka

What is chocolate wrapper and what not
For me it is the wrapper from a chocolate bar, tablet, slab, napolitain, egg or chocolate candy bar (where chocolate creates important part of product - at least 30% - for example Kit Kat or Mars bar) where  is any information about the producer or the product no matter its weight or material. You can see many examples in my MUSEUM.
I don´t mind if the wrapper is from "real" chocolate (with cocoa butter and without vegetable fats) or from a chocolate like product without cocoa butter.
What is not the chocolate wrapper for me:
Chocolate (or fat couverture) coated candy like waffers, müsli bars where chocolate coating is only up to about 30% of weight of candy. I also don't collect wrappers from M & M´s, Smarties  (except Smarties in chocolate bars), Lentilky and similar candy and wrappers from chocolate pralines in boxed assortments.
For more see WRAPPERS.

If you have any questions, comments, arrangements or you would like to exchange chocolate wrappers with me, please, feel free to contact me! I will reply you from another email address which I don´t want to publish here because of spams. 
If you are chocolate lover and you used to throw out chocolate wrappers which could enrich my collection, please, contact me. I would be glad to get in touch with any collectors of chocolate wrappers. 
Please, NO BUSINESS emails - this is personal site!!! I can help only by information if possible. 





Chocolate wrappers shown here are scans of real chocolate wrappers from still growing collection of Martin Mihál. 

© 1999 - 2021 Martin Mihál