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Contact me!

I would be glad to get in touch with any collectors of chocolate wrappers. I have a lot of chocolate wrappers for exchange if you would be interested.  
I am also interested in exchange of chocolate wrappers for other collectibles (teabags, cigpacks, pocket calendars, stamps etc...).
If you possess some chocolate wrappers or collection of chocolate wrappers which you don´t want anymore.
If you love chocolate and would like to help me with my collection by empty chocolate wrappers.
If you have any question related to chocolate which I could answer.
For any other reason except bussiness.

Why not contact me !!!
If you want to do a bussiness like selling or buying chocolate goods with me! I am NOT chocolate manufacturer or seller of chocolate goods!

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Martin Mihál
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Czech Republic

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Chocolate wrappers shown here are scans of real chocolate wrappers from still growing collection of Martin Mihál. 


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