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Chocolate museums in world
I found out there is no good list of chocolate museums in world so I created my own list here below. Please inform me, if you know about chocolate museum which is not listed here or if you know more about these ones!


  • First chocolate museum in Austria by company Walter Heindl was founded in Vienna in 2001.
Belgium Brasil
  • Museum of brasilian handmade chocolate producer Prawer.
Canada Cuba
  • Museo del chocolate - chocolate museum in La Habana was opened in 2003.
Czech republic Estonia France 13 place Paul Saissac 
81310 Lisle sur Tarn
  • Musée du chocolat in town Fécamp - route Valmont 851.
  • Halloren museum  was opened in spring 2002 in Halle. Halloren is one of the oldest German chocolate companies established in 1804.
  • Imhoff Schokolademuseum - the largest and the oldest german museum in Köln was established in 1993. It was owned  by Stollwerck until 2002 when Hans Imhoff sold Stollwerck chocolate factories to Barry Callebaut. Imhoff chocolate museum cooperates with german branch of Lindt & Sprüngli now.
  • Raüsch Schokoland since 1995 in Peine. Small company but great chocolate!
Great Britain Hungary


  • Antica Norba museum opened in 1995.
  • Museo Storico Perugina in Perugia. There is  chocolate festival Eurochocolate every year in October.
  • Caffarel museum of one of the oldest italian companies in Lucerna S. Giovanni near Torino.
Japan Korea
  • Chocolate museum in Korea was opened on 4 May 2002 on island Jejudo.
Chocolate Museum
551-18, Ilgwari

  • Chocolate company Ruta opened own museum in Šiauliai.
Šokolado Muziejus
Tilžes str. 133
LT-73349 Šiauliai

the Netherlands

  • De Chocoladefabriek - big chocolate museum which targets history of Dutch chocolate and cocoa making should be opened in Amsterdam in 2013. 
Prinseneiland 43 
1013 LL Amsterdam


Spain Placa Pons I Clerch S/N
08003 Barcelona Sweden
  • Chocolate museum in Malmö was opened in 2006.
  • Schokoland Alprose in Caslano. Pictures of museum appeared for some time on back sides of Alprose chocolate wrappers. The only chocolate museum I have already visited.
  • Alimentarium - food museum of Cailler-Nestlé with chocolate exposition in Broc.
  • Hershey World museum of famous american manufacturer in Pennsylvania.
  • Candy Americana Museum in Lititz by old american company Wilbur ( part of Cargill foods).





Chocolate wrappers shown here are scans of real chocolate wrappers from still growing collection of Martin Mihál


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