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Internet Chocolate Shops
A lot of chocolate - UK - chocolates Montezuma's, Green & Black's
Berliner Kaffeerösterei - Germany - delicatessen including about 400 chocolate bars
Chocoladeverkopers - the Netherlands - wide selection of craft chocolate bars
Chocolats-de-luxe - Germany - large selection of high quality chocolate bars
Cocoa Runners - UK - chocolates
Čokobanka - CZ - importer of Michel Cluizel, Bonnat or Pralus chocolates
Čokolá - CZ - importer of Rococo chocolates, Seed and Bean, Willies Cacao
Fairmade - CZ - e-shop with fairtrade chocolates Klingele, Seed and Bean
Fairtrade market - CZ - e-shop with fairtrade chocolates Divine or Tohi
Feine Schokolade - Germany - wide selection of bean to bar chocolates from whole world
Pralinkový klub - CZ - e-shop with Coppeneur chocolates
Puroshop - CZ - e-shop with vegan chocolates
Světová čokoláda - CZ - importer of chocolates Dolfin, Pacari, Venchi, Chocolat Madagascar
World of Sweets - Germany - wide range of common chocolates available on German market

Chocolate reviews
Chocolate bar database - pictures of wrappers from chocolates tasted by Vic Ceder, GREAT site
Chocolate review

Academy of chocolate
International chocolate awards

Chocolate and cocoa organisations
International Cocoa Organisation
ABICAB - brazilian association of cacao, chocolates, candies and byproducts industry
ASCOND - association of russian confectionery industry
Candy Usa - american candy association
CHOCOSUISSE - swiss chocolate manufacturers association
Choprabisco Royal Belgian Association of the Biscuit, Chocolate, Pralines and Confectionary
Confection Canada Confectionery manufacturers association of Canada
Fead - association of spanish confectionery manufacturers
HUNBISCO - hungarian confectionery association
Norske sjokoladefabrikkers forening - norwegean association of chocolate manufacturers
POLBISCO - polish association of chocolate and confectionery manufacturers
VBZ - dutch confectionery association

CandyFavorites Online Candy Store - McKeesport Candy Co., one of America’s oldest candy wholesalers offers an amazing selection of candy. We specialize in bulk candy, Brach’s candy, Colorworks M&M’s and retro candy.
Candynet - australasian confectionery manufacturers
Chococlic - french site about chocolate
Chocolate and Cocoa - french chocolate association

Comet zone - if you wish to get cool chocolate cursor :)
Cukrář - czech confectionery server 

German Sweets - non-profit german confectionery export organisation 

Konditer - russian site about confectionery
Sg-online - german confectionery magazin online - polish confectionery server
Theobroma Cacao - the most informative german web about chocolate!





Chocolate wrappers shown here are scans of real chocolate wrappers from still growing collection of Martin Mihál


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